Weekly Flowers

Have beautiful flowers delivered like clockwork to your business, to your special place-Home, or to someone.

Whether you are looking to enrich a retail, restaurant, office, or corporate environment, we can help you set the right tone for customers as well as your employees. We work with you to design a unique setting from standing orders of arrangements to outdoor container landscapes that best suit your space. Our business subscriptions are a favorite for offices looking to add a touch of sophistication & fun to a front desk or lobby. At home subscriptions are creatively design to suit your style, compliment the home decor, by creating a harmonious look! Subscriptions can be custom tailored to your specific needs and budget to create the perfect look!

Our personal subscriptions are the perfect gift for the person who has everything! Allow us to create something special and unique as the person receiving.

Contact Us

In Greenwich:
106 Mason St
Greenwich, CT 06830
T: (203) 661-5544
E: info@greenwichorchids.com

In Bedford Hills:
573 Bedford Rd
Bedford Hills, NY 10507
T: (914) 763-3600
E: info@greenwichorchids.com